Green is the new Orange

Written by Hanne Horn

Green salad Eat clean with Superfoods

Eat clean with Superfood has been added to the long list of favourite books from AWW, it is packed with very eye pleasing, healthy and delicious dinners, lunches or breakfast.

I recommend the Mexican beef and corn salad. We used flat iron steak, which came out perfect - just look at the pictures. This was the first time I made Pepita sauce with pumpkin seed kernels, coriander etc. - very nice!

The Salad niçoise with lentils and salmon was lovely, served as a Sunday brunch. I listened to a friend’s advice "no week-end without Champagne", served in a nice glass from Lyngby Glas

Learn to cook without the starch and feel better - guaranteed

Mexican beef Salad nicoise


Fountainhead Food

Written by Hanne Horn

Fountainhead cork oak Fountainhead food

I knew I had to travel to the Fountainhead Retreat Hotel in Andalucía, Spain after reading the introduction to Helen Bartlett’s book Fountainhead Food. I am equally sure, after having stayed there, that I want to come back to both the place and the food.

Less than an hour’s drive from the beaches of Costa del Sol, with its back to the sun, facing the stunning landscape and mountain ridge north of Riogordo lies this little Hotel of only four suites, from where you can wonder up the hill when the sun is setting, to enjoy a splendid meal in her restaurant.

The book Fountainhead Food, cooking in Andalucía is full for flavour and vibrant colours. The produce grown locally has surely been the inspiration. You can find pomegranate, chestnuts, figs, almonds, mangoes, avocado, lemon, orange, grapes, olives, tomatoes, onions, herbs and peppers in this area, sold at the weekly markets in the small towns.

You will find a recipe for Partridge terrine in the book, served in the restaurant slightly altered to a Chicken terrine, but still very good and very tasty served with plum and fig chutney and crispy fried sage leaves.

I was fortuned to spend some time with Helen, walking in the orchard, gently picking almonds and talking about the past and the future. She cleverly learned more about me than I did about her, but I still appreciate the time and the talk. I learned that Helen is working on a new book; I believe the team is vegetarian cooking and I look forward to trying out the recipes.


The book and the place both comes highly recommended


Helen is also a keen collector of cookbook, she has found many treasures at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill, London. I will check out this place next time I am in the area and let you know what I find.

Fountainhead before dinnerFountainhead chicken terrineFountainhead tempura

Fountainhead suite ArizonaFountainhead almonds


Norwegian apple cake

Written by Hanne Horn

apple cake ready to eat 

Norwegian Apple Cake inspired by Christer Rødseth from Restaurant Fjøla in Oslo
Indulge in individual apple cakes topped with delicious caramel and served with a vanilla flavoured sour cream. Easy to make in advance and reheat in cast iron cocottes, which makes the apple cakes more fun to serve.